Local Rules / Etiquette / Dress Regulations


Local Rules

Local Rules

Temporary Local Rules September 2021



  • All players must carry sand buckets and repair divots.
  • All players must repair their pitch marks on the green.
  • All players must rake after bunker play and replace the rake.
  • No Player should play until the players in front are out of range.
  • In the interests of all, players should play without delay. Walk briskly between shots. Keep up with players in front. The player who has the honor should play the tee shot before marking the card.
  • Players searching for a ball should allow other players to pass them. Do this by signaling to the players following them to pass, and should not continue their play until those players have passed and are out of range.
  • Through the green, a player should ensure that any turf cut or displaced by a stroke is repaired with sand (buckets provided) and firmly pressed down, and that any damage to the putting green made by the ball or the player is carefully repaired.
  • Players should ensure that, when dropping bags or the flagstick, no damage is done to the putting green, and that neither they nor their caddies damage the hole by standing close to it (or in handling the flagstick).
  • The ball is not to be removed from the hole by putter head.
  • The flagstick should be properly replaced in the hole before the players leave the putting green.
  • When the result of the hole has been determined, players should immediately leave the putting green.


Dress Code


  • Golf shoes with soft spikes should be worn on the course and practice areas, and are acceptable in all areas of the Clubhouse.
  • Any type of shoe must be flat soled and enclosed on the course or practice areas.
  • Thongs are not permitted in any area on the Club premises.


  • Socks with shorts must be white.
  • Socks must also, at a minimum, touch the base of the ankle (be above the line of the shoe).

Shirts and Blouses

  • Clothing worn on Club premises must not display offensive or ostentatious slogans/advertising motifs.
  • Shirts and blouses must have collars.
  • The waist should be tucked in unless tailored with a band to be worn outside trousers and shorts.
  • Singlets, tank tops, sun tops, strapless tops and similar are not permitted on course.

Trousers, Shorts and Slacks

  • Trousers and slacks must be tailored. Tracksuits and drawstring pants/shorts of any type are not permitted on course.
  • Shorts must be of the dress, walk or cargo style. Sports, gym, board, boxer or stubby style shorts are not permitted on course or in the clubhouse.

Hats and Caps

  • Hats and caps must not to be worn in the clubhouse.