Since 21 August, our Club has been required to have a COVID Safe Marshal on duty during the Club’s hours of operation. Given that we have fewer than 200 people on site at any one time, the person behind the bar will perform the role of COVID Marshal in addition to their usual duties.

All our volunteers and staff members have completed the required training. These COVID Safe Marshals will be visibly and immediately identifiable by Members, SA Police and the public by wearing a special badge.

A COVID Marshal’s role is to promote and ensure infection control practices are followed; promote and take practical steps to ensure people are following physical distancing protocols; ensure that the Club’s COVID-Safe Plan is adhered to; make sure people are seated when consuming food or alcohol; and work to ensure the stricter hygiene and cleaning rules are being followed.

Where a member or guest is believed to be breaching COVID-19 Directions, in the first instance, it is the role of the Marshal to politely advise the person breaching the direction of their requirement and members and guests are asked to respectfully adhere to this instruction. 

We thank members in advance for their understanding and cooperation.